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Shot Breakdown

BMW 335i - Personal test
Transformers Optimus / Bumblebee
Coors cold cut
Relativity Media
BMW outlines
Gatorade Skyscraper
Zain soccer star
Coors Light - love train (x5)
Disneyland - paper wonderland

Nerf Wii - action co-star
Sony - iPod dock
AUDI S5 - personal test
Ford Mustang / Ford F150 turntable
Bridgestone promo
Yoplait Delight
Apple Jacks
Chrysler Jimmy Neutron
Kitkat - love squirrel - India

Shot Breakdown

James Cameron: Expediton Bismark
Catwoman - Vancouver opening sequence
Fantastic Four - Brooklyn bridge 
Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed
Journey to the center of the earth
Dinosaur Planet
When Dinosaur Roamed America
What killed the mega beast?
Jeff Corwin’s experience



I was a CG generalist lighting artist, on most of these projects. 

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