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 Patrick Gray 

Sr. 3D Generalist | Visualization | Consulting | Creative Direction | Look Development

Meet your VIZMATE

Self motivated and highly adaptable, I can take on any creative projects to bring them to life regardless of the medium. With an extensive creative and computer graphics experience of over 25 years in all fields of the industry, I think outside the box with a great eye for colors, form, details and brand integrity in order to take your project or studio to the next level.

With an history of successfully building teams from the ground up, I love the synergy of being part of small teams and ignite the creative fuel...

Don't hesitate to reach out to discuss your next project...

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I'm originally from Montreal, Quebec in Canada, now living in Allen TX.

My academic background is Design and Architecture, but I was always interested in new technologies and computers, I was lucky enough to learn and evolve at the same time that 3D CAD software were emerging back in the early '90s.  

When computers and architecture met I was there ready to experiment and one of the first student to create 3D renderings.


I graduated from Quebec University in Montreal in 1994. I had found my passion in 3D visualization, a perfect balance between creativity and technology.

From that point on, I've basically touched all aspects of computer-generated imagery, from prints, graphic design, architectural visualization, engineering, 3D printing, broadcast media and feature films.


My career evolved into a more specific field; look development - lighting and rendering...where I've always enjoyed the challenge of applying photography principles to computer art. 

Over time I've put on many hats, building and leading teams to supervising and mentoring others, but one thing stand out over time, I'm a Designer at heart and passionate at bringing ideas to life.


Physically based rendering and lighting, GPU / CPU Rendering specialist

Visualization: object design / Architecture / Engineering (static or animated)

Layout / camera and digital photography / cinematography

Rendering engine

Redshift / Vray / Arnold 


Maya, Unreal Engine,  3DsMax


Nuke / Fusion

Substance Painter / Designer


Strong emphasis on advanced lighting and rendering techniques, CG cinematography, high dynamic range images (HDRI), colorspace management

Look Development / Surfacing / Advance shading networks / Modeling

Team leading and building

Advance knowledge of CG workflow and pipeline set-up, Animation.


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