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What is look development?

It is one of the first step of an animation film project, it can take many shapes depending on the original concept of the movie. Basically, the goal is to translate the vision of the art director or the director into digital form in order to stay as close as possible to the look of the concept art...and bring it into the 3D world. This will then be applied to the entire movie making process for consistency and unique look.


It involves some technical challenges especially at the shading level.

Here are the latest project I worked on:

 Rock Dog  

On this project I focused on fur/hair look development and groom using xGen.

 The Book of Life  

This project was very challenging, it was done in Houdini, I did custom shaders to create the unique look of the movie.

 Free Birds  

I did the look dev for the feathers and hair system as well as the grooming for those characters.

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